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"The score specific to each location demonstrated artistic prowess, creating a cohesive work that enhanced the film."


Shophouses (video coming soon)
for intercultural ensemble (ft. illustration by @paperlileis)
(bansuri, fiddle, pipa, oud, piano, bass, and rebana)

The Straits Ensemble, New Sights Fellowship (2023) 


Jazreel is a composer and arranger with a keen interest in blending chamber and orchestral-hybrid music styles. Her writing reflects the arrangement styles of classical composers, while incorporating contemporary and game music conventions.

She graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts with a BA in Music Composition, under the guidance of Belinda Foo and Felix Phang.  Jazreel has written music for concert and media, and her diverse experiences have allowed her to develop a unique perspective on music composition.

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